Your Success is Our Success


We believe that quality dough is the foundation for better food. That's why we pride ourselves on manufacturing products that meet your customer demands and exceed industry performance standards.


Products are flash-frozen to ensure dough freshness, performance, texture and flavor. No artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives.

Customer Service

Customer and client satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the value of thriving partnerships and continually strive to find the best solutions for your needs.


Our facilities are peanut free and meet all industry cleanliness and safety standards. Our state of the art machinery manufactures a wide variety of product offerings with wholesale, private label and custom formulation capabilities.


Our food safety procedures, product consistency controls and worker safety standards ensure our products will perform consistently to meet your customer demands.


New York Dough Co. is always researching new trends, products and technologies to continue developing market segments based on consumer demand.


We are a family owned and operated company with over 100 years of combined baking experience.


Who We Are

New York Dough Co. is a family owned and operated company located in central New York. We empower food service operators by providing fresh-frozen products designed to quicken food processes; without sacrificing quality, taste or performance. We believe in the strength behind a lively workplace, strong customer relations and ethical principles. We demonstrate integrity throughout all aspects of our business as well as a passion for our mission; while producing quality goods that our customers trust.

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Top of the Line


When it comes to dough based products - quality and consistency are everything. We believe in the power of the 'home-made' flavor and refuse to settle for anything less than the best. Our product lines are designed specifically to increase the efficiency of your business operations without sacrificing quality or the 'home-made' taste. We offer regular and white wheat frozen dough balls, par baked pizza shells and sweet goods.

Next Level


At New York Dough Co. we believe that people build a life by what they give; and we consistently strive to deliver the best services to our customers. We focus a considerable amount of time and effort toward building relationships, delivering on our promises and producing quality goods. Whether you are looking for wholesale products, private label options to develop your brand or custom formulations to make your team more efficient - we can serve you.

Increase inventory control and decrease equipment costs without any minimum run requirement. Our private label branding services can help your company develop strategic business tactics, meet objectives, design packaging materials and more. We offer consultations, professional branding services and product samples to get you started.

Do you have a dough product that you'd like to take to market but you're not quite sure where to start? Product development is our specialty. New York Dough Co. development services begin with an industry-expert consultation to learn more about client needs and objectives; followed by an in-depth strategic proposal to reach client goals. Begin developing your product with professional guidance and without the steep investment of machinery and operating costs.

Custom dough products? Secret recipes? No problem. You don't have you start from scratch at your facilities to get the exact same product taste and consistency . Our highly skilled bakers and production managers can manufacture custom formulations to make your inventory control and business operations run smoothly. You can trust that your secrets are safe with us.

Our products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed market demands. New York Dough Co. offers favorable profit margins and a variety of product options to our wholesale affiliates. Our frozen dough balls and par-baked shells are each individually wrapped to guarantee superior quality and product protection during delivery. We offer multiple sizing options and case packs to ensure that your customers have the home-style dough that fits their needs. Sweet goods wholesale options are also available.

The New York Dough Co.


New York Dough Co. believes that action expresses priority; therefore our customers' and workforce team's interests are at the forefront of all business practices. We serve a variety of market segments; each with different requirements. Our highly skilled bakers, advanced product formulation, technical product support and customer relations allow us the opportunity to build strong partnerships while encouraging excellence and success.

Why New York Dough?

New York Dough Co.’s mantra begins with family, tradition and a serious passion for what we do. As a family owned and  operated company, we believe that each customer is a partner in our mission; just as much as we are a partner in theirs.  New York Dough Co.’s foundation is built on the core values of honesty, integrity and reliability and we strive to have the best customer service, products and company culture around. Our in-depth knowledge of the frozen dough industry allows us to fine-tune business strategies, brand development, formulations and operational details to make your business successful.