Hemstrought's Famous Half-Moons

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Made scratched baked, hand frosted and flash frozen - Hemstrought's half-moons are a one-of-a-kind item with a secret recipe that has been around since the 1920's. The soft cake-like bottom is lightly topped with the perfect mix of rich chocolate fudge icing and vanilla butter cream frosting. These are not your typical "black and white" cookies - but instead the ORIGINAL "black and white" cookie.


  • Frozen - 6 months
  • Refrigerated (at 40 degrees) - 21 days
  • Thawed - 7 days

Transportation and storage should maintain a temperature of -0 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Half-moon cookies are not Kosher and contain soy, wheat, milk and eggs.

Half moon BOTTOMS

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Half-moon TOPS

  • Half chocolate fudge icing and half vanilla butter cream frosting
  • All chocolate fudge
  • All vanilla butter cream

*Holiday colored icing also available (seasonal)

12 Pack Trays

  • 6 trays of 1 dozen cookies per case
  • 72 cookies in total

4 Pack Containers

  • 9 containers with 4 cookies per case
  • 36 cookies in total

Party Moons

  • Available for advanced wholesale orders or found in local stores

Coming soon. Please contact us with immediate concerns.

To place half-moon orders please contact (315) 735-3311 or leave a message below.

Hemstrought's Fry Cakes

Product Details

Not a doughnut, not a cake - but the perfect mix of both. This 100 year old recipe was created by Mr. Hemstrought in his very own kitchen - and has been highly sought after ever since. Hemstrought's fry cakes are hand made with fresh milk and eggs which are then lightly fried and often coated or left plain. The soft, moist interior is complimented by a slight crunch on the outside giving fry cakes the perfect bite every time. Fry cakes can be baked with a variety of flavoring options from chocolate, glazed, cinnamon, powdered or even seasonally pumpkin and more.

No artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Please contact us for more information about our fry cakes.

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